Our History

For a moment close your eyes and imagine to go back in time for about two centuries. Exactly in the area where Urban Luxury Inns are located and where the city life was very active and in continuous movement day and night. We are indeed near the Vatican City, seat of power and immeasurable richness, near Campo de’ Fiori, where Mastro Titta was in charge of public executions, and near Piazza Navona, where the aristocratic ladies used to promenade and to laugh at the messages left by common people under the Pasquino statue.

In this atmosphere at about 1850 an aristocratic family of Neapolitan origins and belonging to a branch of the Earls of Sulimei, commissioned the construction of a residential building called Palazzo Russo, famous for a nymphaeum inside its courtyard. In this location today there are the rooms of the Residenza San Pantaleo with the main entrance on San Pantaleo Square.

Two hundred metres further on there is the second location of the Urban Luxury Inns: Cancelleria Comfort Inn. Today it is a welcoming guest house with 4 comfortable wide rooms while in the 1800s it was an osteria. The typical Roman osteria was considered to be the real home for everybody, where people used to drink, to talk, to discuss, to courtship the damsels, and to play cards, and while the Trastevere osterias were for the working-class, the osterias in Rione Parione were the meeting place of writers, artists, and politicians. Characteristic for those pubs was that you had to climb up a staircase to enter the halls though the entrance was at street level. This was due to the flooding of the nearby river Tiber, what in those periods was rather frequent. Today in place of the osteria there is our guest house, where from a wooden raftered ceiling the typical wine jugs still seem to be hanging down in order to be filled.

After 100 metres further on there is the last of our inns: the rooms of Sora Luxury Inn. The location of this inn, too, is on the last floor of an ancient building which belonged to an aristocratic family from the 1800s and which they had chosen to be their residence. It was a building of representation where the aristocratic families used to gather to play, to talk, to make business or simply to receive their guests. If in a silent night we close our eyes we can imagine to hear horses trotting on the bevelled stones and the creaking eco of coaches in the surrounding little streets. This elegant guesthouse has been elegantly refurbished and has 4 rooms, one of which is a suite.

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